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Our instructors all come from our member body! They simply enjoy dancing, so they volunteer to teach! Most of them have not received professional dance training, but they possess outstanding dance sensibility, exquisite technique, and a relentless pursuit of stage performance.

Our Members.

20+ years of journey, 400+ members. We are grateful for the encounter. (Ordered by class and last names)


魏晓牧 Xiaomu Wei

Research Professor, Computational Biology


谭庭玥 Tingyue Tan

Urban Planning;

Landscape Architecture '23


Our members come from different backgrounds and different experience levels, but dancing is what they all enjoy.

​邓海燕 Haiyan Deng

Senior Lecturer,

System Engineering

吕旋 Xuan Lu

Research Support Specialist,

Chemistry  & Chemical Biology

谭晓青 Ellie Tan

Phd Candidate, Microbiology '26

李若欣 Ruoxin Li

Phd Candidate,

Biomedical Engineering '26

宋琦 Qi Song

Postdoctoral, Material Science & Engineering

​郎双雁 Shuangyan Lang

Chemistry & Chemical Biology '22

郭雯熠 Wenyi Guo

Master of Engineering,

Computer Science '22

​雷朗 Leyla Lei

Master of Engineering '22

刘熠琳 Yilin Liu

Phd Candidate, Computational Biology '26

高笑含 Olivia Gao

MPS, Applied Economics & Management '22

林子怡 Ziyi Lin

Master, Economics '24

田若瑜 Ruoyu Tina Tian

Operations Research & Information Operation '23

徐雨晴 Aria Xu

Operations Research & Information Engineering '23

​魏祺佳 Uni Wei

MPS, Statistics '22

​Cindy Liu

Operations Research & Information Operation '23

梁申妮 Shenni Liang

Computer Science '24

丁佳睿 Flora Ding

Fashion Design & Management '25

许子欣 Coco Xu

Computer Science '24

支怡然 Isabella Yiran Zhi

Information Science; Psychology '24

戴易佳 Yijia Dai

Computer Science '24

郭紫欣 Elena

Applied Economics & Management '25

熊一多 Doris Xiong

Biomedical Engineering '25

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